Hanging silicone sex doll, hanging is the most recommended storage method, because sex dolls are equivalent to hanging in the air, and their own weight will not overwhelm any surface. If you have a wardrobe, hanger or other shelf with good load-bearing capacity at home, hanging is a good choice. It is worth noting that sex dolls of different brands are hung in different ways. It is recommended to consult the store before purchasing to avoid damage.

Around the 1840s, vulcanization technology was developed, paving the way for stronger and more durable materials. There is little information about cheap sex dolls made of rubber. In the advertisements in the 70s and 80s, people knew that wigs of different colors could be customized, and sometimes even different hairstyles could be customized to suit the tastes of customers.

Regarding the novelty of mini sex dolls, in the eyes of ordinary people, this life-size sex doll looks good at home, and it is a bit scary to take it out. However, some people not only take him out of the house, but also associate him with him. It can be used on all major e-commerce platforms. Prices range from tens of dollars to hundreds of dollars. It is particularly important to choose the quality of the doll to prevent the rope from breaking when the sex doll is suspended.

Is it safe to use decolorizing cream after dyeing? The decolorizing cream is slightly corrosive to the doll. Not recommended for light-colored dyeing. You can wipe it with a soft cloth dipped in water. If the staining is severe, it cannot be remedied before using the decolorizing cream. If you do not meet the above conditions, you can buy a sex doll pulley hanger for placement.

What is a hair transplant doll? Wm doll, In the process of making silicone heads, the hair transplant dolls were artificially implanted into the scalp one by one. This process requires a lot of time and energy, so the price of hair transplanted dolls is relatively high.

The development of the realistic sex doll industry has allowed more and more people to meet their needs. Therefore, the two parties in the marriage increasingly need each other, especially some sex dolls. They do the same as others, more docile and prettier than others. People can also choose different dolls according to their preferences.
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