Steven Adams' team-first mentality, affable personality and usually goofy nature get him to one with the most likable players from the NBA — well, a minimum of when you don't need to prevent him from grabbing offensive rebounds.
So if the Thunder center revealed last February he was taking care of an autobiography, basketball fans expected some entertaining stories. The big man definitely delivered.
One in the most interesting anecdotes from "Steven Adams: My Life, My Fight" takes NBA Live Mobile Coins readers in time towards the 2014 Western Conference finals. After the Spurs eliminated the Thunder having a 112-107 win in Game 6, Adams was with a mission to get connected to Spurs coach Gregg Popovich before leaving the bottom. He didn't make opportunity lightly.
Via The Oklahoman's Erik Horne:
"Being knocked out on the finals was heartbreaking, but at the identical time I would be a rookie who were able to experiment with a lot within an amazing playoff run with one from the best teams within the league. I wasn't exactly sulking. As we experienced and said best of luck to each of the Spurs guys because of their final series rematch contrary to the Heat, I dialed in on Pop and created sure he didn't leave before I could embrace him.
"When I finally got my arms around him... mate, it absolutely was beautiful. I just held that legendary man and got a simple sniff of his hair. He smelled lovely. Don't work like you wouldn't do exactly exactly the same thing should you have had the chance."
We're should retain more details here. Did Popovich give an impression of an expensive wine? Or perhaps the bark of your strong oak tree, standing tall from the middle of your calm forest?
And did Popovich spot the brief sniff near his head? Time to get a full investigation. (It's the offseason. What else shall we be doing?) If you want to learn more about NBA Live Mobile Coins for Sale, please continue to keep an eye on MMOAH.
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