Kevin Durant and CJ McCollum made headlines yesterday but it had absolutely nothing to do with being in the game. 
It was during McCollum's "Pull Up" podcast where the 2 got heated when McCollum admitted the Cousins signing with all the Warriors upset him. Durant didn't seem to comprehend and said, "I mean... you know all of you aren't about to win a championship." Durant found almost dismissive NBA Live Mobile Coins just as if the Trail Blazers aren't worth discussing like a title contender. 
Even however the podcast was over, the exchange continued on social websites and had become the focus from the media to the next day or two. 
But Mavericks' Dirk Nowitzki has some tips for Durant, per NBC Sports Bay Area:
“I like having fun along with it. I get go to on Twitter every now after which in my mentions. ‘Hey, you’re old, disappear. Retire.’ Or something like that. To me, it’s fun. You’re not supposed to become sensitive over it. That’s how I see it.
“I’m unclear why KD feels the requirement to respond to some in the stuff, because, I mean, Twitter is just this type of place for tough guys and a great deal of hate. I take it that has a smile in my face. You can’t take yourself too serious on the website.”
Durant did defend himself earlier this week as soon as the Twitter spat saying he's just being himself. 
"Man, get out the best way. I done did the task, I done showed you what I do. I know y'all dislike me, but get out how and allow this to [expletive] roll," Durant said, via Yahoo Sports. "I ain't want no smoke with nobody. I ain't want no difficulties with nobody. It's everybody's sentiments, like, 'Yo, shut up, K.D.' I'm not talking, I'm just being me. Everybody's just acting crazy." By the way, if you are interested to buy cheap NBA Live Mobile Coins for Sale, stay tuned for more at mmoah.
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