“During this appropriate event, you can acquire bifold the bulk of abject acquaintance in all Casual, Competitive, and Extra Access Playlist Matches via the ‘+100% Appropriate Event’ XP bonus,” Psyonix’s Bifold XP weekend advertisement said. “In accession to that bonus, all Crates will aswell accept bifold the adventitious of absolute Painted items rocket league items. That agency if you accept any Crates in your account that you haven’t opened yet, this weekend will be a abundant time to do it!”

The exact alpha time for the Bifold XP weekend is March 7th at 2 p.m. PT with the accident appointed to run until March 11th at 10 a.m. PT, so players accept a bit added time on both abandon of the weekend to yield part. For players who already accept Aureate Items extra anatomy in-game events, Psyonix warned that the benefit bead ante for Painted items won’t administer to those boodle boxes.

“The Bifold Painted account admission abandoned applies to Crates and not Aureate Items from in-game events,” Psyonix explained. “This is because Aureate Items already accept added allowance of absolute Painted items rocket league trading.” Rocket League’s Bifold XP accident is appointed to activate anon during the appointed times listed above.
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