First, details of this scholarship.Ashland University will be offering around $4,000 in scholarship funds to gamers who meet the academic and aggressive requirements. The university is looking to develop its

Esports app, which currently already contains games such as League Of Legends and Overwatch.

While Ashland is your first university to Fortnite Items offer scholarships for Fortnite players, it is not the first university to build and formalize its Esports programs.

That is 63 colleges and universities that not only take videogaming seriously, they're working towards assimilating videogames into their varsity sports programs.

What does it all mean? It's a powerful idea with a cascade of marketing benefits flowing to lots of winners. Let's take the curious constituencies one at one time.

Parents are disarmed.If parents had the fortnite weapons equivalent of a rocket launcher in arguing to their kids, "You're spending too much time enjoying Fork Night or whatever it is called," believe them suddenly out of

rockets. Children are now able to only say, "Mom, I'm attempting to make a scholarship. Back off" Boom. Teachers can also be unexpectedly without rockets.
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