He began playing "Call of Duty" when he was only 9 years old. Last autumn, he began playing "Fortnite" as well.

"And I just fell in love -- the building mechanisms, how large the skill gap is with building, is simply unreal."

"Fortnite," an online shooter using a construction component from developer Epic Games, is presently one of the world's hottest video games. It created $126 million in February alone, according to fortnite materials research company SuperData, and it's one of those most-watched titles on both Twitch and YouTube.

Although there are no official "Fortnite" tournaments right now, Team Secret CEO John Yao said the organization believes Epic Games is definitely make an esports-related announcement shortly, and it needs to become ready.

"I really had no idea that he was 13 before the group told me," Yao said. "Because if we looked at some of the movies and we looked at their game play, it was not apparent. What instantly stood out to me was how old he had been, and he sounded like one of the buy Fortnite Items other guys."

Team Secret is not the only one preparing for the inevitable "Fortnite" esports scene. Ohio's Ashland University recently announced it is going to be the first faculty in the U.S. to offer scholarships to gamers.
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