The future of advertising is nigh. Social media and the Internet have vastly changed the way businesses market themselves and will continue to do so. By 2020, things will have changed even more throughout the industry, from DIGITAL MARKETING SEO companies to Best Digital Marketing Agencies in INDIA, to advertising agencies and PR companies.

Over the past five years, digital advertising has become more and more prevalent, especially with the rise of data-driven ads and social media platforms. In the future, it will become increasingly imperative to hire a Digital marketing agency in India, or at least an advertising company with a digital side. By 2020, it’s reasonable to expect marketing budgets to exceed half of the total marketing expenditure.

All that time spent online may lead to more fragmentation in the marketplace, but it will also mean more data and personalized online advertising. Meanwhile, agencies will become increasingly based on creative talents, which aren’t going anywhere—creativity is one thing machines, and robots have trouble replicating—and placement.

Finding the right distribution channels is crucial to positioning a brand. INDIA digital marketing agency will find increasing success in developing technology systems for companies, something traditional ad agencies have little or no experience outside of creating innovation labs. Some brands may take it upon themselves to start internal marketing teams, too. The biggest Digital marketing agency in India will have specific departments for each media channel, with specialists for Twitter, Google+, and Facebook. Over the next ten years, social media will be an increasingly important aspect of a brand, since it is valuable in terms of DIGITAL MARKETING SEO backlinks as well as public relations.

Social media isn’t going anywhere, although its role will likely change, shifting away from recreational to strategic sharing in terms of personal and business use. That is, most users will have isolated groups of friends and peers, but influencers will use social media to manage their private brands, as well as relate to and network with businesses. Of course, there’s always the slim possibility of people moving away from social media in their private lives, and using them expressly for business purposes. But the reason this probably won’t happen is that social media is an excellent way for people to communicate and entertain themselves, two innate qualities of humanity.

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As television shifts to online streaming, digital will seem ever more commonplace, and industry experts with huge followings on Twitter and Google+ will only gain in importance. High-traffic blogs will become the realm of copywriters and industry experts. The video, from YouTube streams, to online ads, will replace television commercials and be a way for high-profile brands to set themselves apart.

Ultimately, traditional advertising companies may be on their way out. Those that retain status will retain influence in buying media and distributing through high-cost channels. The future favors Best Digital Agencies in India, especially those able to develop technology and implement creative strategies. The best INDIA digital marketing agency will do more than crank out results but will cultivate relationships with clients to be available at all times, and throughout the long-term.

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