A step-by-step guide to make the best out of your networking career! 

From the very beginning, Cisco has been a big-time eye-catcher for the big bulls in the IT market. Opting for a CCIE online course would sky-rocket your career as a networking professional.  

One of the major problems for most of the individuals is the lack of proper guidance. This blog is to remove that gap and give you the best guidance for CCIE training. 

What is CCIE? 

CCIE stands for Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE) and it is one of the most sought-after online certifications for candidates who aspire to build a solid career in the networking field. However, to reach the level of an Internetwork Expert is not easy.  

You need to invest your time, and of course, money to compete in this ever-evolving career scenario.  

It is no surprise to know that only less than 3% of the Cisco Engineers appear for the CCIE certification. This can easily tell you the level of the exam. But nothing is impossible. You can crack the exam is you are clear with the basics. 

CCIE is an expert and the most advanced-level Cisco certification out there. 

What do you need for CCIE online training? 

The Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE) certification requires no formal educational background. You need to have the following: 

Networking knowledge (CCNA, CCNP level) 

Internet access 

A typical CCIE exam preparation takes up to 18 months of hard work and dedication. 

What are the types of CCIE certification? 

The CCIE certification is a series of six certifications. You can get an expertise in any one of them based on your area of interest. The six certifications include: 

CCIE Collaboration: 

CCIE collaboration is an expert-level exam especially for the engineers and architects specializing in voice, video and unified communications. The topics include: 




CCIE Data Center: 

CCIE Data Center is a specialization in designing, planning and implementing data center infrastructure. The topics include: 

Diagnosing complex data center topologies 

Troubleshooting complex data center topologies 

CCIE Routing and Switching: 

The CCIE Routing and Switching is for the expert-level engineering professionals. The exam covers advanced-level routing and switching concepts. The topics include: 

Implementing IPv4 

Implementing IPv6 

Implementing Layer 2 technologies 

CCIE Security (SCOR – Implementing and Operating Cisco Security Core Technologies): 

The CCIE Security certification proves an engineer’s ability to architect, engineer and troubleshoot Cisco security technologies and products. The topics include: 

Network Security 

Cloud Security 

Content Security 

Secure network access 

Visibility and enforcement 

CCIE Service Provider: 

The CCIE Service Provider certification is for the Network Engineers who want to work as a Service Provider. The topics include: 

Core routing 

Architectures and services 

Access connectivity 

High availability and fast convergence 


Assurance and automation 

CCIE Wireless: 

The CCIE Wireless certification includes the knowledge about Wide Area Networks (WANs) and other wireless networks. The topics include: 

Enterprise wireless network 

Wireless security and identity management 

Wireless business applications and services 

Automation, analytics and assurance 

What is the benefit of CCIE certification course? 

CCIE online course is one of the most respected job profiles in the networking industry. Getting CCIE certification can land you the highest-of-all paying jobs in the network industry. 

 However, as you know that cracking the CCIE exam is not easy. But if you are full of determination and dedication, you can definitely pass the exam with flying colours.
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