I'm a longtime fortnite items (own Blizzard games before they even formed Blizzard Entertainment) I absolutely loved Torchlight since Runic Games is essentially exactly what Blizzard North was once they got closed down because of the Blizzard Activision merger (remember Diablo 3 videos before 2007? This was Blizzard North until they changed programmers and left the WoW programmers continue working on Diablo 3 and see that turned out), and basically was a spiritual successor to Diablo 2 (which maybe is my fav top-down action-rpg match , Guild Wars right up there too).

Torchlight two I have but sadly haven't even touched it as I didn't have a decently capable PC for a couple years until I built my present one, from what it seems like I have been missing out on quite a bit and Torchlight 2 to Torchlight is like the gap between Diablo two to Diablo.

After reading a number of comments, it worries me that seemingly buy fortnite items isn't doing so right and they switched it to more of the MMO, which I understand the reasoning for it too bad that it is greed as it's the same thing that's happening with blizzard and Diablo Immortal right now where they (Runic) have been given marching orders from the bigger beast driving the agenda that is contrary to their traditional business model.
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