In the ninth grade, students take an exam. Someone stays at school, someone decides to go to secondary specialized educational institutions. One of the students is still undecided. Studying for "three" and "two". Her grandparents, who are raising her, hired tutors in five major subjects.

During the day, the girl “does not study” at school, in the evening she “does not study” with tutors. Wants to become a singer. But the grandmother does not like this choice of her granddaughter, because this is not serious. The girl asked about tutors herself, as she is sure that without them she would not pass the exams. The girl also used the academic editing service because it was important for her to study. Thus, using tutors and this resource, she was able to successfully pass the exam.

Grandmother and tutors keep telling the girl that "this is not possible." For a girl, these conversations are like the buzzing of an annoying fly.

There are many more such examples, as mentioned above. But what unites these students? Guessed? What is the source of their problems and failures? What or who prevents them from learning and learning and enjoying it? Try to answer these questions before you continue reading. I think they share a desire to learn. Using https://editius.com/check-my-paper/ they can learn how to study effectively. This will help not only to learn but also to learn even better.
When I asked these questions, the answers came almost immediately: when will we finally understand that the school and everything connected with it is the area of personal responsibility of the child.No need to do homework with your kids! No need to come to school and quarrel with teachers and administration! This is a false impulse. Learn to teach a child and use https://editius.com/essay-proofreading/ for even better learning. This way you can teach your child responsibility.

No need to hang out in parental chats and suck on real and far-fetched problems. Remember, the child is learning, not you!

Constantly "standing up" for your child, belittling the authority of the teacher and the educational system as a whole, you are doing him a "disservice". Knock down his aim at study, kill the desire to gain knowledge. Readers may object: “Well, parents shouldn’t interfere in the educational process at all?” We answer: “Interfere. But only to the extent that your child desires.

All children are born with a natural desire to explore the world that accompanies a person throughout his life. However, at school, for some reason, according to parents and teachers, it “disappears”. Have you ever wondered why? Release the child from your ambitions and let him breathe. I bet that the desire to learn new things will soon push him to action, and you will have a reason for real pride!

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