Gaming and basketball fans are still months away from getting their hands on the “NBA 2K20.” But despite the lack of official updates and teasers at this point, most fans already know what they want on the upcoming title — the option to play MyCareer offline.

MyCareer has been one of the staple gameplay in the “NBA 2K” series. It is the franchise’s story mode where, in every installment, the players will have to guide the fictional basketball player’s career as he begins his journey in the pro league. There is no doubt that the story mode is also part of “NBA 2K20” once it comes out this year. However, fans are wondering whether 2K Games will finally heed to their requests and allow offline and online access of MyCareer.

“NBA 2K20” will most probably be released in fall, just like its predecessors. Also, based on the announcement in the previous years it might take until July for 2K Games to officially announce their pick for this year’s cover athlete.What is a little bit more certain at this point is that 2K Games is finally bringing WNBA players to the video game. As previously reported, top players of the WNBA have somehow confirmed they will be joining this year’s roster, which is considered a major milestone for the franchise.

The NBA 2K’s previous few releases had something special going on with demos, namely, instead of giving off a couple of teams to play exhibition matches with, the demos reveal a bit of the narrative, which looks like a prologue to the whole tale. Gamers conceive a character and work their way up into a professional career in the NBA, reaching the full title with the evolution.This year’s demo release might happen just like last year’s, landing a week or so prior to the full title.

The next title is expected to have two variants: a standard edition and a special edition that will be shipped with some additional perks for the players.The special edition is expected to come with bonuses similar to NBA 2K19 which came with VC worth 100,000 and MyTEAM points worth 50,000.However, the recent developments suggest that the next title will also feature one of the worst microtransaction. All the skins and special perks can be bought using real-world money. Finally, to enjoy all the features in the game, players can Buy NBA 2K20 MT Points from Mmocs at a reasonable price.
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