TESO Blades Gold is going to ruin The Elder Scrolls Blades with lootbox kind of items and cover to win. I really do never touch a match in which I do not know how much I am going to pay for it in total to beat it in case of games until I have enough of it. See, with such a monetization that you don't know if your total spent on The Elder Scrolls Blades EVER is going to be 50 dollars? Possibly 250 in total (within a period of years)? Or only 10 $/Euro? That is overly deceiving at this point for me.I dont see the point of using a game using a system if the only way to advance is to buy your progress rather. As a gamer who defeats the purpose of levelling progression. Where is The Elder Scrolls Blades? The reality is there isn't any match here. Through playing an illusion of a match to make you spend money to progress, rather than progress. This sort of material is gambling cancer.This is honestly just disappointing. Bethesda recently released their 25th Anniversary video emphasizing how far they care about their fans, and how much they appreciate their opinions and opinions. But, I see about just how disappointed players are using the Elder Scrolls Blades on media.

Chests are how players get important loot they need to advance from buy TESO Blades Gold -- The Elder Scrolls Blades is unplayable with them. Players will eventually reach a point in The Elder Scrolls Blades where dividing vases will no longer be a rational means of set building supplies for your city, and will have to rely upon the arbitrary created content of chests for what they require. The issue though, is that players will eventually reach a point where it is literally impossible to keep up with opening chests. The balancing of the wait on the chests is unreasonable. It seems that the silver chest, that has a wait of 3 hours (over 2,000 times longer than the wooden torso ), is obtained more often as rewards for quests.
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