As the testing and stress testing of World of Warcraft Classic continues, Blizzard begins to release more updates on new areas and specific operational strategies.

The MMO was phased out before the final release on August 27 this season.
After two stress tests were released on May 22 and May 29, internal testers were able to test the Arathi Basin and raise the upper limit - from 40 to 50. This can be measured in areas including Stranglethorn Vale, Desolace and Arathi Highlands...

The latest update further upgrades the level and allows specific testing of the Alterac Valley today. Starting at 5 pm on June 14th, the community manager Kaivax released at the Blizzard Forum. The EDT is usually a new field that will be opened from the World of Warcraft closed beta to test the Alterac Valley.

Beta testers can log in before this date to get a new field called Field of Strife, which will carry Alterac Valley during beta testing. As an additional measure, the other test areas will be closed by the Alterac Valley test. Kaivax also noted that the test role of the “conflict area” is fixed in its capital. However, there is a chance to be driven outside the city, and there may be no enemies, mission providers, dungeons or modes of transport in the rest of the game world.

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Once in the conflict zone, all created characters will be downgraded to level 58 for the correct Alterac Valley test. Accompanying these roles may be appropriate equipment, some gold, loading and full access to class trainers and reagent suppliers. However, for testing reasons, you cannot adjust the role level to level 58.

The only thing left is to go to the combat masters as part of your respective city and your favorite lineup in the Alterac Valley. All feedback needs to be sent to the Blizzard forum. At the same time, all closed test areas will be available for testing again.
"World of Warcraft Classic" will release the contents of the PC on August 27. The above is the date and content of the release. One thing we can rest assured is that their team will do their best to present the best to us.
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