Fallout 76 players Fallout 76 Items recently discovered a new event called Free Range, which brings the Sheepsquatch legend. Inside this guide, we will outline ways to activate the event, the way to finish the encounter and recap the benefits you get for completing it.Like most live events in Fallout 76, people who really wish to locate it are best off host hopping. For the purposes of the manual, we're working in the medium-difficulty Sheepsquatch experience at Big Fred's BBQ Shack, since that seems to be the most common place. Players also have found Free Range in these locations.

Till you find the NPC listed 15, Select one of those spots and server hop. Note that a group that is skilled best attempts this Sheepsquatch experience. Many high tech players have struggled to emerge victorious in this struggle, so don't be the fool who tries it solo.You'll know you're eligible for the Free Range occasion when you find a bunch of Brahmin cows along with a dead NPC named Beckwith Farmhand. Take all such as the Beckwith Farmhand Directive, Shepherd's Crook and Steel Scrap.

Now, equip the Shepherd's Crook and start spamming it to direct them towards Beckwith Farm. People of us who don't understand where that is can use the map below.Along the dull journey, you will encounter plenty of wolves and bugs, but they should not cause much of a problem for characters that are senile. Your focus should be seeing the Brahmin carefully, if you do not because they can get off track. You will know whenever the Brahmin turn onto the dirt road towards Beckwith, you're getting close to your destination. The enemies are most likely to get more difficult at this time so don't be surprised if you start seeing some Glowing Yao Guai because you approach the farm. Just hit just as much firepower against these threats as you can muster, while also saving up to the Sheepsquatch.

Finally you'll see at least Noxious Legendary Sheepsquatch. Like most boss experiences fallout 76 buy legendary weapons in Fallout 76, the objective of this one is to do just as much damage as you possibly can quickly. That means lots of explosives and also a Power Fist can do the job well here. Simply switch to the highest DPS stuff on your inventory if you do not have these. The Sheepsquatch will eventually turn red once you start doing damage. This implies its rage mode that is entered, and can regain health and deal increased damage. Power through that stage, and a second Sheepsquatch will arrive along with a bunch of Mirelurks.

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