LOS ANGELES--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Leading mobile MMORPG, MapleStory M, they celebrated their first anniversary, but you may be more concerned with the eye-catching Phantom Heroes, as well as a range of activities and new systems. Because many players have expressed great expectations before this, it finally arrived on this hot summer!

Players can now access Phantom's icons in MS M Mesos the game, pre-registered players can get unique rewards, until July 17 to provide special gift boxes, including unique weapons, stone, unique armored stone, automatic combat fee tickets, etc... More. This award is very attractive, so don't miss this update.

Ghost as his main weapon, Phantom can become a thief, stealing character skills from different types of explorers. Skills including Phantom Shroud, Phantom and Steal Regression can help players plan more combat strategies, while Phantom's most special skills - Judgment - provide strategies for defeating monsters, trigger random stacking skills, and give players extra attack.

Phantom characters between levels 3 and 100 can also be upgraded throughout the Mega Burning event, with three levels being upgraded at Maplestory Mobile Mesos a time. Players can show their talents through this event.

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