This sounds like one of the most intriguing components of Volta much - the way you set up your home pitch is a decision. In World mode you'll play a sort of FUT Rivals-style League and in that League you'll play home and away matches against other players online. Your home match will be with your custom logo on it along with your rules, on your pitch. The off match will probably be on cheap FIFA 20 Coins theirs. That means you might set yours up for a 3v3 Rush game with no'keepers, and no walls on the cage (meaning no using-the-wall-to-pass-to-yourself moves). And then you would go off to the opponents and perform with five-a-side law game of walls, futsal and all.

The players in your team obviously play into that too - you will want to try and set yourself up for a specific kind of player to specialise in your home game, likely, and also the way you do so sounds like that other big, interesting portion of Volta.

Everything you want be able to FIFA Coins 20 perform, however, is play Volta mode with more than one buddy.

Away in The Journey-replacing Volta style and the rest of FIFA 20's modifications - at least the ones - are very much under the hood. The big PR conquer is that the 3 balls - on the ball off , the ball, and the ball - in which EA Sports has split its own gameplay tuning in to segments.
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