Scaffolding is an essential part of the modern construction industry. It is used at construction sites for providing the workers with easy access to high levels, accuracy at work, balance, stability, and most importantly, safety so that any kind of unwanted accident is easily avoided. Scaffolding companies in Cape Town offer many types of scaffolding systems such as kwikstage, self-lock, formwork etc. Among these, the self-lock scaffolding system is highly preferred by workers. (Information credit:

What is a self-lock scaffolding system?

Self-lock scaffolding is constructed by organising frames. It is popular due to its quick assembly, easy management, lightweight and mobility of the units. It is mostly used in building maintenance, electrical work and exterior décors like plastering and painting. Self-lock towers are reliable and safe to use. However, when you purchase a scaffolding system, make sure to check if the manufacturer follows SABS safety standards. Only the scaffolding companies of Cape Town who follow these standards offer reliable and safe scaffolding systems.

Benefits of self-lock scaffolding is:

1. A vast range of applications: Self-lock scaffolding systems are available in different shapes and sizes. These systems can support hanging and lifting frames, columns and other construction equipment. So, it can be used in various applications like plumbing, electrical work, building maintenance, painting, plastering, in residential buildings, material sheds, construction sheds, lighthouses and more. It is so versatile that it is used with several types of pipes or having a small or big diameter. Contractors prefer this scaffolding system due to its easy and adjustable functionality.

2. Safety: Self-lock scaffolding towers are strong and durable. When the load is increased, the scaffolding transfers the weight through the lower bowl that has a strong capacity. So, it provides construction workers with extreme stability. When workers have a stable position, they can work more accurately and efficiently. Furthermore, the risks of accidents in the workplace are greatly reduced.

3. Great loadbearing: The pole and bowl connector are tied together in this system which provides the scaffolding reliable flexibility. As a result, the structure becomes more reliable and stable and can take heavy loads. It allows the workers to take the necessary tools and equipment with them to different levels of a building without any risk of accidents or getting any of the items damaged. Furthermore, due to the design of self-lock scaffolding, it can increase its overall load-bearing capacity to approximately fifteen percent.

4. Easy to Manage: Self-lock towers can be assembled and disassembled with the least manual labour. It is highly beneficial for handling critical situations like bad weather or strong winds that can interrupt the project.

5. Cost-effective: Self-lock scaffolding systems are cost-effective because the initial cost, as well as the operational and maintenance expenses, are very reasonable. This cost-effectivity reduces the overall expenses of a project.

You can contact scaffolding companies in Cape Town for high-quality self-lock scaffolding systems.
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