Crib bumper pads is made of 100% microfiber polyester, Double Brushed. Softer than any other fabric. Silky, Smooth and Luxury machine washable with inner- Made of microfiber polyester, our crib bumper pads is durable, lightweight and wrinkle resistant. Hypoallergenic to baby's sensitive skin.
Measuring 27"x9.5" and 52"x9.5", our crib bumper pads fits standard cribs perfectly. Attached with 8.5'' ties, it is more reliable and secure than others. Does not slide or fall down. Instruction's included in the package great Luxury reusable bag package. To accommodate with other crib beddings, we offer items in white, grey, navy, lilac, pink and other printed patterns. There is something for everyone, both boy and girl.
If you need our crib bumper pads, please visit:
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