Don't cover the baby too thick to cover the baby too much, will cause dermatitis and other diseases. Babies love to move in crib bumper pads, metabolism is also stronger than adults, wearing too much easy to let babies sweat, the skin will be blocked sweat pores, resulting in eczema, folliculitis, pustular rash and other skin diseases. Serious can also cause pustular sores, once found on the baby has erythema or pustules, to bring the baby to the hospital in time, if long delay, there is a risk of development success or failure of the disease.
Different beds with parents are recommended for the first year of life (at least the first six months) and for the parents, in a bed specially designed for the baby. This reduces the incidence of sudden infant death syndrome by 50%. The baby should be put back to the crib bumper pads immediately after feeding or pacifying on the big bed. The following bed-sharing patterns have been shown to increase the risk of sudden infant death syndrome and should be avoided:
(1) Bed with infants under four months of age or with low birth weight infants.
(2) Infants and smokers share a bed (if they do not smoke in the bed is dangerous) and sleep with mothers who smoke during pregnancy.
(3) The baby sleeps with someone who is hard to wake up from fatigue or medication (e.g. some antidepressants, painkillers, alcohol and drug users).
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