For some families, if they apprehend the chat “FeelTimes,” they aswell apprehend “cha-ching.”So what happens if families do not acquire added money to acquirement a brawl dress?Entercom Radio, WWJ's ancestor company, is alive to yield the banking accent out of brawl for top academy girls in allegation through GownTown 2019.

The event, captivated Sunday at Oakland Mall, accustomed any top academy babe in allegation of a Bridesmaid Dresses to appear to the popup bazaar and acquire a dress for no allegation at all."My aunt told me she heard about chargeless dresses at the capital for prom. And we’ve been disturbing lately, so I was cerebration I wasn’t traveling to be able to get my brawl dress, so I fabricated it up here," top academy apprentice Pam Cory told WWJ's Ingrid Kelley. "I’m actually aflame because all my accession dresses haven’t been the best and now I’ve got the adorned dress, so I’m actually excited."
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