Being at the airport, I was observing two guys gladly speaking to each other. All appearances, two old friends met by some curious chance. These two guys were delightfully scrutinizing each other. It looked like they have not met for a long time. I was at the distance of 30-40 meters from them, so they did not see me. I can say with certainty that they had not seen anyone, except each other at that moment, because their joy outshined everything else. I was observing them since they noticed each other and started to hug with a smile from ear to ear.
Generally speaking, there was no need for any words to describe what was happening in that moment since everything was written all over their faces. They were just shining. It was every indication that they are really close friends: patting on the shoulder, never-ending smile and shining eyes. After few minutes, they seemed to tell each other some interesting stories and events, which had been happening to them during the time they were apart. I can say it based upon their movements and swinging their arms. No one of them was dominating in that situation; they both had a lot to talk about and to tell each other.
That situation has made me understand that nonverbal communication plays a major role in people’s life. I saw a real sincerity without playing roles and wearing masks which people used to. Those two guys did not hide their emotions at all; they were free from any prejudices and totally happy. They did not care about other people’s opinions and gave way to each other's feelings.
Honestly saying, people used to restrain their emotions by synthetic moral. Undoubtedly, there are a lot of important things people can understand based upon the nonverbal communication. At the same time, if people are fixated on it, they will miss much more important things as love and sincerity.

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