Following the unfortunate death of NBA legend Kobe Bryant on January 26, the NBA 2K20 team and sports franchisee began a series of tribute events in honor of the famous Lakers player who is a video game franchise important parts of. GameMS is engaged in NBA 2K20 currency trading, and we also regret this. To allow more players to have Kobe card even in the game, you can buy NBA 2K20 MT in our store at a preferential price.

Developer Visual Concepts and publisher 2K Sports updated the NBA 2K20 to use a new splash screen on all platforms to confirm Kobe's premature death in honor of the life of one of the greatest shooting guards in basketball.

The official NBA 2K20 Twitter account pays tribute to Bryant, saying his "many contributions on and off the field" will be largely missed. Some developers in the NBA 2K Series also shared their condolences on Twitter, and many shared intimate behind-the-scenes and talked about anecdotes about their meeting and cooperation with the Lakers legend.

It's not just the game makers who are mourning the loss and celebrating Bryant's life, Bryant's nickname throughout his career is "Black Mamba". The NBA 2K20 community wears Laker's costumes to honor Kobe. Elsewhere in the game, players try to recreate Kobe in the game using the "Creator" feature, while others pause the game to remain silent for a moment. Every player should have a Kobecard, which will be his best memory. If it is stopped because of a lack of 2K20 MT, it is a shame. Buy NBA 2K20 MT in GameMS, this should help you.

When Bryant and his 13-year-old daughter, Gianna, were on the way to a basketball game, the helicopter they crashed into on Sunday morning in Calabasas, California, killed seven people in the process. Bryant is said to be 41 years old this year and he will direct his daughter to a game. The cause of the crash has not been determined, and reports indicate that it may take several days before any information is leaked.
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