Many cancelled video game conferences have begun to move online, but sports are not easy. At least, unless you are the Phoenix Suns, they vowed to end the season with NBA 2K20.

The team held their first game with the Dallas Mavericks yesterday. Professional player Antonio Zardiva and Mavericks game brand ambassador Lawrence Norman faced off. The result was a 150-136 victory for Norman, which means the Mavericks won. Despite its fictitious variants, the game attracted considerable viewership, with over 12,500 viewers, making it into the top 10.

Zardiva told ESPN: "The entire process took only five hours and the results exceeded expectations." "We want to give fans something to look forward to, such as a certain amount of NBA 2K20 MT. And interact with them as much as possible, and Try to combine games with real sports. "

The NBA season has been postponed for a total of 30 days, so the channel has more playoff time. The Suns originally planned to play the Timberwolves, but have not set a specific date for the game. Although the NBA 2K20 has a built-in "start today" feature to simulate the season game, the cancellation of the actual game causes players to freeze when trying to play.

Nevertheless, Zaldivar said he would not participate in all competitions. Instead, the Suns are likely to attract a variety of guests, while professional players hint that "someone may be bigger than him." Either way, as EA and other publishers cancel their esports games, these community-run games are desperately needed. At the same time, there have always been players who want to Buy NBA 2K20 MT. Personally, my recommendation is in GameMS.
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