NBA 2k20 will provide each player with a free card pack that can be unlocked with a locker code this week. The deadline for the event is April 12. NBA 2K20 is a series of games. Although people affected by the new crown virus can only stay at home to play 2K20. Fortunately, there are no viruses in the game. This week the official team released new locker codes and a lot of free items for each player. Players can save their NBA 2K20 MT to buy other items. The NBA game has been suspended due to the new crown virus pandemic in the real world. But players can still enjoy the fun of basketball in NBA 2K20.

First, players need to know what the locker code is this time. This time the NBA 2k20 locker password contains free packaging from the Campus Legends. The Campus Legends was released in March. There is a chance to get a Galaxy Opal Magic Johnson. He is not just a legendary star of the Lakers. He is also the strongest PG in NBA history. Among the existing cards in the game, this is the best player card. Although this is the latest card pack, it is not the best of the three cards that players can get.

Leap year exclusive card packs will be sold in February 2020. And players may get some amazing players from it. This is the best of the three decks. All kinds of exquisite card packages can be made with it. In January, the New Year Card Pack decorated with Pink Diamond cards was released. Therefore, the locker code will provide players with one of these cards for free. For NBA fans, this is the best news since ESPN announced the 2K20 tournament.

This is the locker code for the free software package: CAMPUS-LEAP-RESOLUTIONS. If players do not know how to use the code, they can go to MyTeam from the menu. Then click Advanced. In the advanced part of the page, there should be a label called the locker code. Then there should be a section to insert the above code. This should not be capitalized. But players must use dashes.

But players still need to know that it is unrealistic to rely on the locker code to get a free card package of uncertain probability. The most reliable is to go to the store or agent to Buy NBA 2K20 MT. After having enough 2K20 MT, players can buy enough player cards. The player strength obtained from the card pack you bought will be stronger than that obtained from the free card pack. In this way, players can always be in a dominant position in the game. Players' love for the game will also be greatly improved.
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