Do you feel dissatisfied with your hair? That no matter what you do, your hair just appears lifeless? Well, have you considered that you may be using the incorrect hair care products for your hair type? Your hair may even require a little extra TLC because of its current condition. Hair is unique, meaning all of us require different products. What your best friend uses might not be the best product for you to use and vice versa. With the number of hair care products available in South Africa, it can be frustrating and difficult trying to find the perfect product for your hair type. Whereas, it really doesn’t need to be.

The top 6 types of hair care products in South Africa will be discussed below. Whether you have chemical treated, coloured, dry, damaged hair or a sensitive scalp, you will find the ultimate hair care products for your hair.

Is your hair chemically treated?
If you’ve had your hair coloured or chemically treated, you’ll need to opt for hair care products that are free from sulphates, parabens and artificial colourants. The product needs to protect from keratin degradation without compromising on its ‘care’ performance.

Is your hair damaged and in need of recovery?
When you have damaged hair, you need to use a product that can repair it from both the inside and outside. There’s no use using hair care products that don’t leave your hair feeling renewed, smooth and healthy, especially if you struggle with damage.

Do you struggle with scalp sensitivity?
Products that are promoted as being safe to use for sensitive scalps need to be able to remove any product build up on the scalp, as well as reenergise the scalp. Bad scalp health is usually the main cause for dull-looking hair.

Is your hair colour treated?
If you have your hair colour treated, it’s important that you use hair care products that provide colour protection, as well as improve the vibrancy of the colour. These are the best products to use if you want to maintain your colour between salon visits.

Is your hair limp or lifeless?
While there are several different hair care products in South Africa that state they can add body to your hair, you need to opt for one’s that can add volume but are still lightweight. In terms of the actual products, purchase a shampoo, mask and spray.

Are you looking for cleansing products that’ll add shine to your hair?
If you want to improve the luminosity and smoothness of your hair, you need to ensure your hair care products contain the following ingredients: white tea extract, macadamia oil and camellia oil. Not only will these products add shine to your hair, but they will also protect your hair from degeneration.
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