Without any doubt, your tyres are included in the most important components of your car. your car follows a complex mechanism with the help of the engine and other components but the engine along with its parts is not able to move the car forward without the wheels.

Your Cooper Tyres UK make direct contact with the road and are made to function similarly in varied road conditions. Therefore, you can drive your car with ease and full control only because of your tyres.

Since your tyres have to work constantly in harsh conditions, it is common that they face regular wear and tear. Tyre wear is a steady process and you can catch the signs of damage by inspecting your tyres regularly.

However, tyre burst is a risky phenomenon that occurs suddenly and usually the driver is not prepared for the upcoming conditions.

However, it is clear that the tyre is severely damaged while it bursts.

This blog is prepared with the aim of describing some common reasons for tyre bursts and we are going to discuss some preventing actions as well.

Possible reasons for tyre blowouts
Commonly tyre blowouts occur when the internal structure of the tyre is completely failed to hold the pressure of air. As a result, air escapes violently after tearing the weakest area of the tyre’s sidewall. The driver and other persons can hear the sound of an explosion at the time of tyre burst.

Excessive heat:
Heat is one of the most common reasons that play a vital role in causing incidents like tyre bursts. Generally, heat is not favourable for the components of your vehicle. Especially, your tyres, with increased temperature are more susceptible to violent tyre blowouts.

Heat usually increases the air pressure in the tyre. At the same time, driving the car also makes the tyres hotter to create favourable conditions for tyre burst. Excessive air pressure on the tyre’s sidewall ultimately tears down the tyre’s sidewall.

Driving at High Speed:

Tyres are available in the market with a specific speed limit and the tyre should not violate the speed limit. Therefore, the habit of high-speed driving is not good for the health of tyre’s structure. The higher level of friction at the high speeds is enough to raise the level of heat to increase the tyre’s temperature. As a result, a tyre burst may take place at any time.

The wheels carry the load of the vehicle. In case the vehicle is overloaded, the excessive weight on the tyres may result in complete failure of tyre’s structure and it is visible in the form of a tyre blowout.

Tyres often burst due to important air pressure in the tyres. An under-inflated tyre is supposed to contact the road with a larger area to increase the friction between the surface and tyre’s material. Therefore, excessive heat is formed to increase the inside temperature. Therefore, a tyre burst is an ultimate result.

So, if you want to keep your Cooper Tyres for a long time, you have to eliminate the reasons for tyre damage and blowouts. Therefore, maintain your tyres properly and ensure a long time for your tyres reading.
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