The item delivery and liquidation service launched by Dodo Airlines provides great convenience for players. Players can sell the items they have collected on the new island or use the service to bring the items back to their own island. Players do not need to pay Animal Crossing Bells to Dodo Airlines on their way home. This service solves the problem that players cannot take home because they collect too many items.

When players travel to other islands or perform missions, they can reasonably use the services provided by Dodo Airlines. Players send all the good things they collect back to the country or sell extra and unimportant inventory items on the new island to get some Animal Crossing Nook miles Tickets. In this way, players will be able to send back more good things in their place.

Wilbur explained to players that the sales function and Nook's Cranny are packaged together. Wilbur will purchase player's items at store prices so that players will not suffer. The service will allow players to use it to sell goods when Nook’s Cranny store is not available. But at this time, the benefits of the items sold by the players will be reduced. On the second day of the sale, players’ bank accounts will receive the Animal Crossing New Horizons Bells from the profit. Although the service will reduce the profits of some players, fortunately, players will no longer have to go to stores or agents to buy Bells Animal Crossing.

The service will help players when they discard unimportant items to collect more good things on the new island. With its help, players can fully collect the special materials on the island to make crafts or sell them directly in exchange for more Nook miles Ticket. The new month begins. Players please read carefully to know how to use the service properly.

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