Many Animal Crossing New Horizons players feel annoyed that they cannot catch fish. Many times they find that there are fin-like shadows under the water and they are mistaken for sharks. Focus on explaining that the most expensive fish in the game is the shark which is worth a lot of Animal Crossing New Horizons Bells. As long as players catch a shark, they can stay away from Buy Animal Crossing Nook miles Ticket for a long time.

Sharks are very easy to see in the game because their fins are above the water. However, there are still many players who cannot correctly distinguish whether the shadow in the water is a shark. Many players excitedly put away the fishing rod when they saw the shadow in the water. The result was a small turtle. This kind of thing happens often. Players have been disappointed many times that they couldn't catch sharks. The game museum requires players to catch at least one shark to complete the collection.

Every summer, players who own islands in the northern hemisphere may catch Suckerfish in the waters around the island. Players in the southern hemisphere have the opportunity to catch fish in the surrounding waters from December to March every year. The appearance of Suckerfish is erratic. Players can catch octopus as long as they find the shadow of fin-like protrusions reaching the water surface in the ocean. The method of catching octopus is to attract octopus to spawn with the aid of bait.

Players can also fly to unfamiliar islands to go fishing. The land area of ​​unowned islands is tiny, so it is very convenient for players to fish. Players can sell extra fish caught at Nook’s Cranny store for 1500 ACNH Bells. It is a significant help for players to improve their economic income. Come quickly to Animal Crossing New Horizons fishing!

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