A few days ago, during the live broadcast of "Animal Crossing: New Horizons" on Twitch, thousands of people watched their support for content creator Dripping_Honey, which was held on Tuesday during a power outage. The streamer Hailey S., the endless enthusiasm and joyful energy of the chat room and the community that gathered around it was an exciting time and attracted worldwide attention.

During the entire eight-hour call, the chat process was filled with supportive messages, donations and subscriptions. The goal is to increase Dripping Honey's "familam" community to 100. By the end, it reached nearly 3,000.

Hailey told me in an email last night: "I still have nothing to say. Many people came to support me yesterday! Twitch said that one of the streams got 16,208 unique viewers." "I used to be in the dashboard I saw about 13,000 people watching, but when I saw it, I was absolutely shocked. Support, love, and enthusiasm are and are what I strive for when I build a community. For me, not only can I entertain people And it makes a lot of sense for me to make them a safe place to be welcomed."

"I can't even express my emotions when I saw that my store was all sold out. Due to the pandemic, I had no choice but to close the store, and I thought I would never see it again.", Hai Li said. "Therefore, not only can I reopen it, but many people promise to continue to buy Animal Crossing Bells from me. This fact means the world. I do not resell the products that have been made, but I have created lip gloss, logos and websites I am alone, so this is indeed a milestone for me."

Gary Whitta, who has been hosting the animal crossing show in recent months, shared a link to the stream on Twitter to amplify and highlight black creators, other names expressed support and attracted more people to join the message flow. Hailey's happy energy and personality immediately won everyone's attention and attracted so much attention, so Dripping Honey's handmade lip gloss shop Drip by Honey quickly sold out.

Hailey also told me about some personal highlights in the information stream in an email: "If I have to point out any points in the information stream, then I will definitely talk to Charlie Cleveland (the creator of Subnautica) and realize that The Felicia Day In my chat, listening to T-Pain comforting me, I listened to his music from an early age, so that moment was surreal for me."

If you are looking for ways to support, donate and help, please read Elle Osili-Wood's article on "Black People's Problems". At the same time, if you want to get ACNH Nook miles Ticket and ACNH Bells in the game, you can also visit the IGGM website, which will provide you with it.
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