In the era of tech-world, HP printers have been regarded as one of the well-known printers among its users for its overwhelming accessible features. It allows its users to print various documents stored in the device. However, some of its users are getting the issue of HP Printer blue screen error 04358a98. This error code occurs in an HP printer due to certain issues in the internal hardware or drive of your printer. Moreover, when a printer is trying to attach with a wireless network, this issue takes place.

Effective Methods to Fix HP Printer blue screen error are:

Step 1: You need to install the latest USB driver on the printer’s device after downloading it.
Step 2: After that, detach the device from the USB cable and connect the printer to the 2.0 USB port. Keep in mind; you must not connect it with USB port 3.0.
Step 3: In case if you want to use a USB connection, you need to download and then install a newly updated driver on your printer.
Step 4: Now, try to restore the default networks on the printer.

After completing all these steps, you can now connect your HP printer to a wireless network connection.

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