It can be said that Animal Crossing New Horizons has been the dominant force in the industry since its release across the quarantine zone. Nintendo has achieved great success on the Switch, which is by far the best-selling game of the period.

However, after spending three months with the number one game on the Nintendo Switch eShop, Animal Crossing New Horizons finally won a new title. That is Minecraft Dungeons. This is the most popular series in the world that children and adults like very much, and the price of the game is only $20, while the full price of Animal Crossing is $60, which is the top 10 of many other games in eShop. And Animal Crossing New Horizons also need to spend money to Buy Bells Animal Crossing and Nook miles Ticket, which is one of the reasons why players are reluctant to play.

Minecraft Dungeon is a by-product of the original game and introduces Blizzard's most popular type of dungeon crawling game in the Diablo series. For $20, you only need to get 9 levels, you have to repeat it again and again under different difficulties, but to get players to participate for tens of hours, even if you are really focused, you may need hundreds of participation Will suffice. There is no easily accessible upper limit.

Before, I have written articles about the advice to players when I first started the game, so if you haven’t started, you should check it. To summarize my main points:

1. Correctly understand and manage the arrows so as not to exhaust the arrows.

2. Know that when you go beyond the grade, you should drop the gear and do so often.

3. You can retrieve all the enhancement points by disassembling the gear, you should do this frequently.

4. The best farming method to achieve higher difficulty is to set all difficulties under the current difficulty to the maximum difficulty, because this will reduce the maximum equipment.

5. In this game, the recovery of health is very small, so I will always keep the healing totem. Since then, I found that the real best source of healing in the game is glory, which is an essential healing skill for weapons.

I do think that Minecraft Dungeon will encounter difficulties when you enter a very large game, because the way the enhancement points work prevents you from locating many buildings, but this is likely to be solved. According to an early report, there are two DLCs in Minecraft Dungeon, one is a jungle game and the other is an ice game, each of which will add three game levels.

I hope Minecraft Dungeons will occupy a higher position on the eShop list, but if Animal Crossing can regain its throne at some point, then I would not be surprised because it is still very popular and the new Animal Crossing Bells And Nook miles Ticket can support it behind it.
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