Forget Nook's Cranny or Able Sisters store. There is an entire economy and market outside of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, where players can buy and sell what they want. In turn, this means that we can track which players are truly coveted and considered valuable.

Polygon touched two markets to understand the most fashionable products in the game. These sites work roughly the same, because players can publish a list of items or services for sale, and can buy anything, from animals to villagers. Although each popular item is slightly different, there is still overlap-they together will give players a sense of game understanding.

Nookazon, the leading animal hybrid market, told Polygon that the most popular products on the site are as follows:

Cutting board
Ironwood Dresser
Crescent Chair
Nook Miles tickets and Animal Crossing Bells

The cutting board is not only cute, but also one of the most sought-after furniture in the entire game: the necessary handmade materials for the iron-wood kitchen. Kitchen accessories have actually become an elite symbol for fans. And, because you get extra points for matching sets of furniture at the "House of Joy" Academy, it's no wonder that Ironwood dressers are also on the list.

The crescent chair is also meaningful: it is cute. My wish list must be space-themed furniture. But perhaps the most interesting item in this group is bait. Technically, hunting materials are always generated on your island, albeit very slowly. However, walking back and forth on the island, making each clam occupy space in the inventory, and then making each bait process annoying, respectively. Of course, people would rather just buy bait.

Many of these projects are meaningful. Nook Miles tickets and ACNH Bells have become the de facto tender for various animal transit transactions, purchases and services. If you are going to a stranger's island to participate in an event, or want a villager to go to the island, you may cough some NMT.

It is also worth noting that the "Nookazon" page is dedicated to today's most popular products. For example, today, "Crescent Chair" (Crescent Chair) ranks first, while iron-wood furniture ranks in the top five, while seasonal furniture and limited-time furniture rank in the top ten.
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