Players also received free "Black Lives Matter" and "I can't breathe" shirts, which can be worn in the game, which does not require 2K20 MT to buy.

According to ESPN's tweet, NBA 2K20 suspended the online game for two hours and provided players with shirts from the Black Lives Matter and I Can't Breathe games for free. This was after the Minneapolis police killed George Floyd and the ensuing protests.

The video in the tweet shows a group of players wearing game shirts walking around in the game. This event was further collaborated by other Twitter users, as shown below. 2K Games previously announced that they have added $1 million in funding to its 2K Foundation program to expand "its mission to help eliminate racial discrimination and inequality among black communities around the world." Other companies, such as EA, Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo, have issued statements calling for an end to racism.

Similarly, Rockstar Games closed two hours of GTA V Grand Theft Auto Online and Red Dead Redemption 2's Red Dead Online online access to express support for Black Lives Matter and pay tribute to George Floyd. Rockstar Games and 2K Games are owned by Take-Two Interactive.

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