First of all, the material of the oil-free compressor itself does not contain oily substances, and there is no need to add any lubricating oil during work. Therefore, the quality of the air discharged can be greatly improved, and the safety of the supporting equipment required by the user is also guaranteed. The air compressor with oil, due to the large amount of oil molecules in the exhaust gas, will bring different degrees of corrosion to the equipment provided by the user.
Secondly, the use and maintenance of the silent oil-free air compressor is more convenient and simple. Due to the need to replace or refuel the machine regularly during the use of an oil compressor, and some air compressors may have oil injection and oil leakage, this will cause pollution to the use environment and require users to spend time to clean up and change the direction. The workload of the user. Compared with oil lubricated compressor, the oil-free silent air compressor basically does not require the user to spend time to maintain. The automatic drainage device also saves the user a lot of worry, and it is extremely convenient to use.
In addition, the life of oil-free compressors is also longer than traditional air compressors.
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