If you find yourself waking up in a pool of sweat often on hot nights, it’s easy to turn the air conditioning lower every night or open a window. However, not only is this wasteful, but it also may not address the fundamental problem. There may be other factors at play too such as medical conditions, but one of the most common reasons for sleeping hot or sweating at night is the type of mattress you’re using.

Why Cool ? - heat conduction!

Smartkool? fabric derives its cooling function from its special cooling yarns that mixing with heat conducting material- mica or polyethylene.

With high level of crystallinity and molecular mass, cooling yarn comes with better temperature conductivity, which dissipate body’s excessive heat to the air quickly and realize ultra cooling effect.

How to measure ? – Q-max
Q-max measures the instantaneous value of heat loss (w/cm2), which happened in the simulation of skin contacting with cooling fabric.

Higher the Q-max value, better the cooling effect.

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