The fleece blanket is a favorite for winter. Unlike the blankets made of wool, fleece will not feel itchy to the skin. Instead, the fleece blanket will feel soft, warm and make anyone feel like staying in bed to snuggle a little longer in the mornings.

Care of Fleece Blanket
Fleece is a polyester blend that requires little care. Wash in cold water and dry on the lowest selection to keep the blanket looking bright and crisp for years.

I suggest adding fabric softener to the rinse cycle or adding a softener sheet to the drying cycle. Air drying will also help. By air drying with a softener sheet, static cling can be greatly reduced.

Because fleece is a fluffed fabric, there may be some pilling after extended years of use. Proper washing and drying will help prevent pilling. Generally speaking, the fleece blanket will last for years and years without showing wear.

Selecting from Basil, Ivory, Blue, or Linen (left to right) in Twin, Queen or King Sizes

With the selection of neutral colors in fleece, there is sure to be a blanket for the bedroom.

These blankets are ideal for kids because they are soft and will not scratch the skin if pulled up next to the face after a busy day out in the cold and snow.

To make it even better, these fleece blankets are very, very affordable!

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