The much-expected NBA 2K21 is coming. It replaces NBA 2K20 as a new generation of basketball game in front of players. According to reliable sources, the 2K team will release in early September. Players can download it on a variety of platforms to enter the game and start the game. With the change of 2K, the main currency in the game has also changed from NBA 2K20 MT to NBA 2K21 MT.

Some time ago, both Microsoft and Sony released their own new generation products. Interviews for new products mean that the price must not be cheap. The ensuing problem is that manufacturers have to increase the price of NBA 2K21 sold on the platform to make more profits. For players, it is very disgusting news. Players on Steam now need $59.9 to buy NBA 2K21, while players on PS4Xbox One S and PS5XSX need to spend more to enter the game.

NBA 2K21, as one of the best 3A games, has now broken through the $60 warning red line. However, 2K executives claimed that their pricing of NBA 2K21 was entirely reasonable. The various additional features and new visual effects in the upcoming NBA 2K21 are beautiful. The unremitting efforts of the development team make NBA 2K21 more valuable. But what makes players feel uncomfortable is that no game manufacturer has ever used this as an excuse to increase prices.

As the entire game market becomes more and more down, the number of players is also declining. Game manufacturers have to increase the price of their products to maintain their original profits. But NBA 2K fans should still buy it and prepare for the upcoming unknown players to Buy NBA 2K20 MT a lot. They hope that the 2K team can publish content that they really love.
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