I have to admire the balls on them. Could MS request $70 to get Halo or Sony ask that premium for God of War? Sure. There is currently asking $70 to get a basketball match which fucks you with microtransactions every chance it gets as well as will likely just be a coat of paint, will fly well. Don't believe going up $10 for next gen will hurt them considerably. Except it will fly well. It's a sports match in the end, fans purchase them without thinking about it.

Until it won't, it'll fly. Right now, the value proposal is found by players still. Madden used to be one of the absolute biggest blockbusters of the year annually... till it wasn't. It does but it is not even the greatest sports sport. 2K appears to be pushing it farther Each year, until it doesn't and it'll keep working. Along those lines, individuals on gambling reddits/forums complain about how new editions are"just a roster update." If you are a sports fan, that's really important! I didn't think I wanted Madden but viewing Joe Burrow in that Madden 21 trailer got me hype though I understand NBA 2K isn't that great anymore. It may be stupid, but it is what it is.

They care for hooking the whales. People here also keep saying is"only a roster update" from the decades where it actually not just a roster update. I believe the issue with Madden is that it's a bad game at its core. 2K is a game in its core, it mired in diarrhea. It also helps that basketball is more easy to sim + scaled and can easily be created around a single player.

Madden has zero hooks and that they lean into MUT because it is a itch instead of just an enjoyable game style. Once someone finally hits their peak in seeing the best receiver at NBA 2K inexplicably drop a pass because NBA 2K decided the defender is going to receive his hands in the manner, along with the animations lock in to this route before the pass reaches the recipient, they're not coming back. 2K has tons of work to do, plenty of paths to improve things, but at its core it isn't downright busted or frustrating like Madden. But that's only my experience others might disagree.

I have ta say, you are misjudging the sports game audience. They are the only match they care and they buy that and one or two games a year. The playerbase with this doesn't care enough to abandon the series because they've nowhere else to go because there's a monopoly on NBA 2Ks for the game you prefer. Sure NBA live and PES exist however they're both games. Despite monetization, 2K and Fifa both have gameplay that is consistently strong.

I think you are underestimating the number of folks who play with 2K and 2K. Individuals who will fall hundreds in MTX on it instead of purchasing games just like you or I really do. And those are the whales, it's extremely common. I would not worry about redditors' opinion, they are the target audience for NBA 2K and I'd think the series has problems because of not selling if I did not look up numbers.NBA 2K21 cover athlete: Portland Trail Blazers star Damian Lillard.

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