Incontinence is an embarrassing problem that can happen to anyone, and ruin a good night’s sleep. Bedwetting (or diaper leaks) by children or animals that sleep with you can also cause problems, and ruin your mattress.The solution—waterproof mattress pads that are easy to use and machine washable.

A quality waterproof mattress pad should be comfortable, quiet and absorb a large amount of liquid, keeping it away from the mattress.These mattress protectors have come a long way from the noisy vinyl wrappings from ages ago.Today’s waterproof mattress protectors have different types of layers and coatings that are breathable, cooler and quiet. Many models are also hypoallergenic.

We are specialized in manufacturing various waterproof mattress protector for more than 10 years. To find out more about our mattress protector supplier information and our products, please visit our official blog: or Spring Hometextile video channel: you have any questions, please contact Fiona to get a quick feedback at:
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