For people who never played 2k, will you explain what we'll do at the yard? I read that we are able to boost our guys but maddens superstar mode has an end right? I thought 2k's did not? FOTF includes one storyline just like MyCareer. You just play your games season later like in When the storyline ends. When you retire, both modes end. The Yard is essentially World or Park of CHEL. A sport style where characters were created by your user play each other and can team up. Just doesn't make sense since you can't make defensive players? I'm assuming your player will have the ability to play both sides of the ball in The Yard. Like when you perform backyard football with your buddies or a 7, you have to play both defense and offense.

I think that it might be similar to clubs around FIFA. The more you play with online the greater your player becomes. I will wager FotF has a iron man play in high school make gamers more familiar with playing defense and to market that. Iirc NCAA 14 did exactly the same thing. Would be cool if you got offensive and defensive points every game to add to your stats. As a programmer, you should concentrate on additional modes when sport is in good location, the rest of the manners are summed up with content sufficietly enough and audience just wants something extra.

At this time, the only manner that is"sufficient" is MUT, everything else is either broken or these barebones it may as well not exist at all and nobody would notice (of course I mean Franchise), and of course a lot of problems with heart on-field gameplay which just getting worse every year. Assuming they are trying to compete with game that hasn't been announced yet is simply silly. All they do is pulling lowest effort crap, making visibility that they making more content to get Madden 21. I'm just sad people swallowed Superstar KO and they gonna swallow this brand new shit they're shoving there, while disregarding stuff that actually matters.

I commented on another article saying the same thing. Lambert and webster must forever in supreme group. As ham he certainly deserves it wouldn't count on him coming back to UT for. I believe lambert and webster could return. As he's been a captain that the last 2 years considering I shaizer will not be in next years game. Let us only hope ea somehow decides to create all motif teams usable for UT. Not just a few. Each year has only gotten worse with respect to content published thats only my personal opinion.

Just to list a few. I would not be surprised if Webster was never in a game again. He is the poster child of soccer and their CTE conversation, and his household did not receive anything.

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