Truth bro perfect. I feel like I have a complete in Madden 21 Coins every position since their 99 lol. It makes me sad seeing a lot of 99's on everybody's group lol I want there is a difference between every player.It's certainly a issue, I understand the urge to include hall of fame players and past legends. The problem arises for me if they create and try those legends equivalent or better to the great players of today. I don't care how good night trane is Calvin Johnson in his prime couldn't stop even on his best day. But they're a good matchup.

To be honest that reason you say is the main reason why I won't be getting Madden NFL 21. Just getting the consistent feeling that for 95% of the year I'm behind in my MUT team forced to spend a massive quantity of cash to do well in H2H and construct. I usually wind up playing franchise, which will be in need of a overhaul thereby making me just not want to play Madden as much. Definitely going to miss the game on launch but I am simply gonna have to suck it up until I feel as I can get yearlong enjoyment from it.

The first two months are the best! I put aside about 30% of my earnings because the Superbowl, so several months. That's why the first couple of months are fucking amazing! I saved that money to buy these bundles, when the new legend pops I will be dominating initially! I will be getting this Mike Vick, LT and Deion (hopefully they come back!) again. I might have been a little late on several bills during the past few months, but it will be all worth it once I buy those packs again and begin getting those guys I'd last year! Can not wait!

Might be sort and an unpopular view of defeat the mode's most important point, but I think salary cap ought to be default. I agree with you 100% that the ideal time is when everyone just has a small number of stars, and you have to fill your roster with hidden jewels. At that point, the meta isn't in full impact and you can actually use some non elite gamers and have fun together. It sucks when it becomes the pay to Buy Mut 21 Coins win festival with everyone only having maxed out teams. Believe its with all games though. Warzone got pretty miserable when everyone was using the exact same crazy OP maxed out Grau that prevented you from getting any kind of uniqueness with no at a massive disadvantage. Same feeling happens every time with MUT.
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