Really placing those'next gen graphics'to good use, huh? Oh man I only started playing RuneScape gold again recently. I hope this happens. Doing Inferno with a control on Console are the greatest flex. I could already see all of the console only HCIMs. My life will be complete. Can it jagex please! It is getting fucming genuine today. Seey'all motherfuckers in Wildy. But not before I get my woodcutting and angling to 100. Just make it . I don't see how it could work on ps5. Like I enjoy the game but enjoy wow. The controllers and ui would have to be entirely altered to the point that you may as well create a totally new game. My suspect is runescape on steam and switch.

Wonderful! I like how they want to branch it into consoles but my difficulty is, finding it difficult to browse this type of mouse and keyboard centric game. I can understand it being on cellular, I know it's hard for consumers to play mobile. On consoles? It is going to be really interesting, I would really like to hear more. It just wouldn't work. On switch it might be amazing.I may see it functioning. They have Pillars of Eternity working on console just fine, I think OSRS would function fine. Talking would be hard but not hopeless. It's for sure doable.

I can not see high level PvM or pking being potential. These buttons would be super hard with a control. Controls would be a nightmare. No one would have a computer keyboard. Unless they made a real combat system it would suck. They may as well just port runescape 2 instead. Isn't it the exact same thing with much more content? Runescape 3 is when they inserted all the cool down attacks and specials. Old school RuneScape is currently Runescape 2 (2007 era). You could be thinking of Runescape Classic.Well damn I didn't know I had been old enough to take part in old school whatever.

Runescape had the best dream world ever. Nobody would have a computer keyboard? Are keyboards a luxury thing in which you live? I think that the purpose is (using the conventional console gaming set up) you would be on your sofa when playing runescape 2107 gold games. If the interface of OSRS needs a computer keyboard, you'd then either have to place your coffee table up using a mouse and keyboard (RIP lower back) or find a greater table only for gaming on your living space. I like consoles over PC because I will sit on my couch, chair or floor occasionally with just a controller. It simply wouldn't be sensible for a great deal of people to use a keyboard on a console.
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