Fridays, beginning on February seventh, with grandstand the Rivals Series commencing at 1000 PST for the European Rivals Series, and 1500 PST for North America Rivals Series. The Rival Series is the Tier-2 part of the authority RLCS LOLGA, much like how Overwatch Contenders works alongside Overwatch League. It's a smart thought to sporadically look toward Rivals, as it gives fans a thought of forthcoming players and characters that may wind up in more esteemed competitions up and coming.

Saturdays will bring the Rocket League Championship Series North America division beginning on February first at 1130 PST on Twitch Rocket League Credits. Eminent groups in this division incorporate NRG Esports, and eUnited; NRG Esports took the title last season alongside the $200,000 prize for the lead position.
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