How you ever write my essay and finish it can leave either a positive or a negative impact upon the reader— there is no in-between. Hence, it is important for you to craft your introduction and the conclusion carefully.

Writers come across a lot of instructions and tips regarding the introduction, as it has been written about a lot. However, you will find scanty information on writing or improving the conclusion of your paper.

The conclusion, however, is crucial to your paper. Considering it takes up less than ten percent of the paper, it holds the highest weightage compared to its length. You should, therefore, give your full attention and write the conclusion to its fullest.



You don’t hear a person say, ‘help me write my essay’ as they consider the conclusion as an easy task that needs only cursory attention.


The optimal time to write the conclusion is after you are done with the main body paragraphs. Better yet, after you finish your final draft and are done with the review process. This way you won’t have to change the conclusion of your paper every time you cut out parts of the paper or add new material to it during the reviewing and editing process.


The conclusion is not a summary

Many people try to fit into the conclusion of everything that they have come up within the paper. Like an academic paper, they end up summarizing the gist of the paper and its contents into the ending paragraph.

Such a summary includes not only the main ideas but also talks about the evidence and the analysis. Your paper conclusion should touch upon the main points of the help write my essay, instead of dragging on towards the end trying to fit everything into a single paragraph.

The conclusion instead should indicate to the readers that the paper has delivered on what it ventured to do in the introduction of the paper.


Parts of the conclusion

You should mention the thesis statement at the start of the conclusion. In the introduction, the thesis states your plan for the paper. While in the conclusion part, it states what you have accomplished.


Enumerating the main points

After you have put down your write my essay help statement, you state the supporting claims and arguments mentioned in your paper. For a developed and well-planned paper, each salient point of your paper has a separate paragraph. The topic sentences in each of these paragraphs hold the claim for each of the paragraphs. Your job is to refresh those points in light of the main thesis.


Final word

The final word represents something to leave the readers to think about or something that might help them understand or conclude the paper better. The final word shouldn’t take more than one or two sentences.

Giving a concluding insight to your readers can break the repeating monotony of the conclusion part, such that it doesn’t read like a list of things communicated in the paper.


There are three ways you can end your paper:

  • Limitations of your paper

You can put yourself into your reader’s shoes and think of the concerns about the content of the paper that might arise in their minds. The help with my essay will address them as you talk about the various limitations to your analysis that held you back.

  • Further research

Here provide the readers with a way to overcome the limitations through doing further research into the topic.

  • Call for action

You can also ask the readers what further to explore the topic and how they should act upon it.


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