It shouldn't be so hard to finish tough or even moderate clues, if that's by juggling 6+ clues or doing them hitting and normally a step that is impossible to complete and having to drop it.

As much as I'd really like to have seen clues being reworked, what you're proposing is actually quite difficult. Jagex had said they did not region-lock clues as it's quite a tedious task. Each clue does not possess a'area' attached to it, therefore a few poor soul would need to sift through every hint step and assign it a place (and probably must take into consideration any region-locked items too ). Seeing as how we watched a few Zeah clues making it into the game once they'd pushed an update to eliminate them, it is likely that it's just a tricky task to do given the insane number of hint steps (and for every tier as well).

Honestly, I couldn't imagine the amount of work that has gone into this league however. The quantity of effort certainly shows. I've been having a blast up to now!

The wiki has already assigned measures for clues to unique regions. It may be tricky to perform, but I do not think that is a fantastic enough reason to throw up their hands over something that is rather integral in the leagues. There are a lot of points tied to clues, which implies that they wanted people to concentrate on doing them. There is even a relic made around clue completion. Even a little adjustment to decrease the frustration of currently performing them (even with taking treasure hunter ) would make a difference.

Besides, my suggested solution does not require anything beyond just tagging every step using a region. Even if they discounted area secured items for emote clues, it would still be so incredibly impactful on players' ability to complete clues more readily. Besides, there are multiple region-related tasks that need another region to be unlocked as well so as to finish.

It's not tedious because"oh we don't beg na go find out which area each thing is in" it's tedious because it might require a ton of programming work

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