In people's daily life, balloons, swimming rings, inflatable rods and other flexible Inflatable Airblown objects are often inflated, especially balloons, which are used to embellish our lives and bring us a lot of fun.

Take balloons as an example. The earliest balloons were only plastic products. People can inflate the balloon manually or mechanically, and then fix the balloon in the room or where it needs to be decorated. However, this is only a basic purpose. As people's living standards improve, further decoration is needed. Therefore, people later invented the lighting device or sounding device installed in the balloon. This kind of device is Inflatable Airblown manufacturers:
to illuminate the bulb (or LED light) with battery power, thereby increasing the decoration effect of the balloon, which is for the majority of consumers. Accepted,

Although the balloon has a good decorative effect, it also has a significant defect. It is necessary to inflate the balloon first. The inflation can be done with a special tool or directly with the mouth. The balloon can be sealed after inflation. This is not for adults. Any problems, but for children, it is not well grasped, which will cause inconvenience in use.

The Inflatable Airblown device includes a cylindrical hand-held part with open ends and a mounting rod that is generally cylindrical. The mounting rod is hollow. The bottom end of the mounting rod and the lower part of the hand-held part form a detachable connection. The upper part of the mounting rod is slightly thin and has a small hole on the side wall communicating with the hollow part. A clamp part is provided on the outer wall of the mounting rod between the small hole and the bottom end of the mounting rod. The bottom end of the mounting rod A gas check valve is provided.
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