I can't really find and range tank guides at all. I understand what I need my end results to be but the way I should get there/what leveling to get/etc is where I am stuck at. Any help will be appreciated. Try not to double post, individuals warn you . Primarily;-RRB- recall to RuneScape gold read the rules. Alright, firstly is that this f2p or p2p? P2p tanks are kind of useful, but I would stick to becoming a pure. As a main it is much for pleasure to play however, more range of items to do.

Do creature magnetisim asap, it's very helpful. Soul wars is the very best bet for no hp advance, but it is only very good exp at level 70+, infact 90+ is likely what you need. Train mage with something low, firestrike green dragons maybe at the first levels, then advancement by superheating steel bars, no loss there, and so is faster then alchingTongue Soul wars is fairly great for total practice of anything, its fine exp 70-80, medium 80-90, best is in 90+.

Range tanks, mmm they will have a very long time to train, personally I would just opt for Buy RS gold a primary, since in the new bh you have battle range, and normally mains can strike range tanks. But however if you have enough time/money to finance this idea, do it. Nonetheless, you won't get as many kills as you'd think, you'll be vsing others with full armour, etc.. As a pure, you will be getting murdered more, but killing more - more fun I guess. Hope I provided a small insight into this big question!
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