I really just wanted to create a personality that has a good username. Why does Jagex do this? It isn't a cuss word or anything, and it doesn't demonstrate any kind of"-ism" (what I mean by"-ism" is things such as: racism, sexism, terrorism... you get it done.) . . .basiclly if there's the term"Blaze" on your username, you can not have it that is dumb. So I had an ultimate game card which I still had with one couple left, soOSRS gold now I attempted to use it on the exact same account that had it because I use it occasionally and it says it has already redeemed! WTF? Now I can't get on the forums and ask for assistance with a Jagex Moderator.

Even if it is common or slang, if he utilized Blaze56748we and it didn't work, that is like a 0.1 in 1billion that somebody thought of the exact same name. So either it is probably bugged. It is exactly what it means. Individuals frequently use variations of blaze to imply they are getting large, or are high on marijuana. Jagex does not appear to be big on drugs aside from alchohol. So that should explain why they wont let people make user names such as that.

About the game cardYou've said that you've already used it. It might be that you're a few cents short. Since they're 20$, and a runescape membership is slightly over that, it should be helpful for 3 of them. I'm convinced there is some kind of way that you'd be able to bring the remaining balance to another card so that you don't loose that money. I really don't use those card, so don't take my word for that. I am just saying what would appear to buy RuneScape gold be the problem. I'm also not sure if you're able to transfer funds . If they work just like a prepaid card card that I don't see why they wouldn't, therefore it is worth a try.
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