Pu safety gloves are a kind of special purification and protection products widely used in dust-free workshops of electronics, semiconductor and photovoltaic industries.
The characteristics of PU safety gloves have the following characteristics: A. Material: elastic shu nylon, imported high-quality PU. B. Uses: electronic parts, electronic industry laboratories, food processing, cleaning, electronic light industry, low current, precision instrument assembly, Product inspection, petrochemical, automobile, machinery and other fields. C. Specification: L/M/S. 10 pairs/package 400 pairs/carton. D. Advantages: good air permeability, strong air permeability, and no sultry feeling after long-term operation.
The fingertips are sensitive to touch and are not easy to generate dust and static electricity, which is suitable for clean room operations. The palm of long-fiber stretch nylon is attached to the PU layer, which is not easy to generate dust and is suitable for cleaning work. It has strong elasticity, fully fits the shape of the hand, is not easy to slip, and the fingers are more flexible.
PU safety gloves are suitable for the assembly of precision instruments, electronic parts, product inspection, electronic industry, inspection engineering of various research institutions and others. The fingertips have good anti-slip effect and are suitable for fine work. Good air permeability, sensitive fingertips, not easy to generate dust and static electricity, suitable for clean room operations. Because the main purpose is to prevent hand grinding, the performance should be tested.
The reasons for the pinholes in pu safety gloves: 1. The bottom layer is not completely dry, that is, the second time of construction. 2. The paint with bai has not been allowed to stand for a period of time, the paint viscosity is high, and the bubbles are not eliminated. 3. The one-time construction is too thick. 4. Wrong matching of curing agent and thinner. 5. Too much curing agent is added.
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