Outdoors away from the store, it is difficult for you to drink cold beer at any time; even if you bring your own, the sun will quickly heat up the beer. But with a portable gel ice pack, you can drink cold beer at any time.

This ice bag is smaller than common backpacks, but it can easily hold 10 cans of beer (or 6 bottles of beer), and it is easy to pack into the backpack. It has a built-in reusable cooling bag. Just put the cooling bag in the refrigerator in advance and freeze it, and put the bag and beer (or other beverage) in before going out. It will help you keep cool for 8 hours, even at 30 The hot weather of many degrees Celsius is no exception.

The specially designed insulation layer can wrap the beverages so that they will not roll around.

Gel bottle cooler is a tool that uses physical changes to cool the liquid in a bottle shaped container, it is generally used in bars, restaurants, supermarkets and other places.

Gel bottle cooler has various colors and rich styles and can be used in plastic bottles or glass bottles.

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